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Letting go of what doesn’t serve you


How much “stuff” do you carry around that doesn’t serve you?

This past weekend I did a little spring cleaning (even though spring isn’t here for several more weeks). My husband and I are downsizing our living space, so we identified all the housewares and books that we could sell in an effort to raise money toward a goal we have.  We looked at most of the gifts we registered for when we got married (China, crystal, formal silverware, etc.) and condsidered that we don’t USE these items. In fact, most of them have been packed in boxes since we unwrapped them the day after our wedding. They have been taking up space and they don’t serve us in our life. So, up on EBay they went after doing a little research to price them accordingly. Many of the items have already sold or we have serious inquiries on them, so we anticipate being able to put a nice chunk of money into our savings account toward our goal.

It started me thinking about how much “stuff” we carry around emotionally. Our broken hearts, ended friendships, old arguments…. all of the emotional history we carry around that doesn’t serve us. I realized that most people would really benefit from a little “spring cleaning” of the heart where they took some time to examine their feelings about certain historical hot topics for themselves and put those things to bed. 

I recently did this with a friendship that I had to let go. I had lots of hurt feelings, anger and resentment floating around in my head and heart that I had to let go because it wasn’t serving me in my life. That friendship served its purpose at one time in my history but it is no longer necessary. I grew from it and it helped make me who I am. However, to quote a good friend of mine, “You don’t have to have a future with someone just because you have a past with them.” That is so true.

I’ll tell you that I felt such a weight lifted off of me when I let that friendship go. And, though I feel a tiny twinge of regret, the same regret I will feel when I send that China and crystal off to its new owner,  I know it is simply a resistance to change. Now, I have the life experience and memories from the friendship and the money from selling the gifts, but I am free to live with lots less “stuff” to carry around. That makes me (and my life) lighter and richer.