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Finding Gold


Sometimes you need to look backwards in order to go forwards.  An important lesson can be learned in ancient Aztec lore.

The Aztecs worshiped a goddess named Tlazolteotl, a mother earth goddess whose name roughly translates to Filth Eater. Make no mistake, this is not a pejorative designation – this ability was viewed as an awesome responsibility – she was able to eat sin and convert it into absolution – an ancient Merlin if you will, turning what she touched into gold.

©2004 Thalia Took

©2004 Thalia Took

Her message to us is to consider our -sins-, the negative things in our life we’d like to purge. I started my personal inventory with the obligatory pounds I gained working from home but as I continued to list, things started to flow freely from my subconscious – things  like doubt, occasional meanness and frustration. I didn’t realize I regarded myself as occasionally mean until I wrote it down.

The second half of the exercise is to list what you’d like “returned” in the form of gold. I decided I’d trade frustration for some more sensitivity and the opportunity to help people who need it most.  I didn’t realize I felt this to be a counterbalance to some of my less than stellar moments until I put some thought into it.

I send my gratitude to Tlazolteotl because I learned awareness about what I considered to be filth.  Now, I catch myself during acts of occasional meanness and then automatically think about what I can do to help someone who needs it the most.

Where will you find gold?