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Owners’ Manual: Stages of Grief


Grief is the emotion humans feel as a result of change. All changes result in some form of loss. Grief is the emotion associated with loss. Many people associate this with death of a loved one but grief is felt whenever there is any kind of loss in someone’s life. The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief.

These stages are not set in stone and you don’t always move to the next one when you are finished experiencing one before it. Many times the stages loop back and some people even skip stages.  Overall, this is meant to help you understand what to expect when coping with change.

1.Denial – Many feel shock here – This isn’t really happening, if I could only awaken from this terrible dream. This is a stage in which the grieving person isolates themselves from others.

2. Anger – This is the most intense period of pain and suffering for most.  You are furious this has happened and enraged you have to feel this pain. Why is this happening? Who is to blame?

3. Bargaining – This stage can bring the feeling of guilt – I’ll be a better person if I could just have my old job back. Why me? feelings are prevalent here.This is a stage in which you are trying to negotiate away the pain.

4. Depression – Many feel empty here – an overwhelming feeling of loneliness and apathy. This is a normal stage of grief so you should let yourself experience it.

5. Adjustment – You may feel hopeful here. This is when you adjust your life to allow the possibility of moving forward. (i/e – remove the framed picture of you and your mate from your desk) This is a practice step towards acceptance. Usually if this period goes well, it is easier to transition to the last stage.

6. Acceptance – You may still think back to what you’ve lost but this is the stage in which you truly move forward from the emotional debilitation of the change. You simply accept the reality of this change and it’s ramifications  in your life.