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10 Ways to Find Your Inner Bad Girl


There’s always plenty of talk about nurturing your inner child, but rarely do we hear about feeding your kick ass inner bad girl.  How to get there in ten mischievous steps:

1. Find a photo of yourself as a little girl being a bad girl. Look for devilish grins, sparkle or general naughtiness. Clip it to the top of your bad girl list for inspiration.


2. Collect some pictures of bad girls who inspire you. They can be famous (think Harriet Tubman or Angelina Jolie) or someone you know (your college roommate with pink hair and a lip piercing).

3. Write down all of your – shoulds-. I should learn French, I should scrub the bathroom floor, I should tell him how I really feel. Give yourself permission to delete one from the list (forever) and DO one as soon as possible. Try the site to record what you’ve already done and what you -wanna- do.

4. Now it’s time to build your posse. Think of someone you know or would like to know to be your bad girl mentor. Then think of someone who needs your help to be naughtier. How you can recruit them both in your mission?

5. Purge the people in your life who are BAD FOR YOU and continue to replace them with people who can be BAD WITH YOU. Think steals your man vs. rides shotgun when you do a drive-by.

6. If money wasn’t an issue, if you didn’t need your job, if your responsibilities instantly vanished, if you could say or do whatever you want, if you weren’t afraid, what would you do? Make a list of all these things. Be as crazy as you want – don’t worry, you can burn it later.

7. Wabucketlisttch The Bucket List for a great example of how to execute this list and claim your inner wild child. Don’t let the cancer overtones fool you – this movie is seriously motivating in your mission.

8. Reframe your life. What disappoints you? What holds you back? You’re broke? You’re lonely? Make a list of your -disappointments-. Then take a big red marker, draw a line through each item and scribble a reframing statement next to it. I’m not single, I’m keeping my options open. I don’t live in a dump, I rebel against the consumptive society to save the earth.  Think W.W. M. M. S?  (What would Marilyn Monroe say?)

9. Bad girls know that if you’ve got it, flaunt it – otherwise, fake it till you make it. Pick a recent boring event (meeting at work, traffic ticket) and spin a fabulous story about it. Share it with your naughty mentee (see step 4), then tell it to three unsuspecting people and watch their reactions.

10. Make a list of the compliments you’ve received (physical, work ethic, sense of humor, personality etc). Add some you should have received. Circle your favorites and carry this list in your purse. When you’re feeling less than bad girl-o-riffic, bust it out and read it.

Congratulations! You’re well on your way to breaking the rules AND respecting yourself in the morning. Go forth in your sassiness and remember, well-behaved women seldom make history!