Possibilities aren’t a bad thing…


Last year, a practically free trip to Arizona was suddenly dropped in my lap. It had laid itself down so nicely that I knew I had to go, even though I had never taken a trip by myself.

I rented  a car and drove through the remote red rocks to hike. The scenery is amazing, driving up the highway, you get the sense of truly being free in the massive power of the universe.

@2008 Amy Larrimore

@2008 Amytastic

I think I saw five people the entire time I was there, so I spent quite a bit of time listening to the radio. Country is big in that part of the world, and even though I had never liked that sort of music, my choices were country or country.  I randomly chose the station airing an acoustic concert of Trisha Yearwood.

The next song up was “Not a Bad Thing” and I listened to the words as I drove along….

“Sitting in this cafe, people talking, so loud I can’t hear myself think,

-that’s not a bad thing-

The coffee keeps on coming, the waiter keeps smiling, as I’m riding on this river of caffeine

-that’s not a bad thing-

I used to feel sorry for someone like me, in a corner booth, pretending to read, on a Friday night – I used to say that just ain’t right – I mean, how can anybody have any fun without somebody, without someone, it never dawned on me, the possibilities

-it’s not a bad thing-“

As I drove along, I became hysterical – tears streamed down my face.

once in my life I’ll feel what I feel, let it be, let it be real, let it flow through me and wash me clean

-yeah, it’s not a bad thing-

…I’m thinking the worst may be over, the streetlights seem brighter as I walk up to my front door. I’m all alone when I turn the key

-that’s not a bad thing-

I reset my GPS and drove 45 miles to the closest music store. I barreled through the door, hiking boots, red dust, tear stained face, on a mission to the Yearwood section. I shuffled through the CDs, and found that this song was part of her album titled “Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love”.

Standing under fluorescent lights, I again became hysterical – peals of laughter pouring out of me, I couldn’t stop laughing because in that moment, I realized that’s why the universe sent me to Arizona, I was being forced to evaluate myself.  I learned I had lost heaven by having squashed my spiritual needs. I learned I needed to face my old heartache in order to liberate myself. I learned I needed to understand the power of love – not the romantic kind, or the familial kind, but that life force, essence of spirit, capital L kinda -LOVE-. I learned I needed to consider –the POSSIBILITIES-. I needed to feel the fear and do uncomfortable, new or difficult things anyway. That was the only path to growth, change and the proverbial discovering of the meaning in my life.

I’m pleased to say that this CD has stayed with me as I continue my path to self discovery and self improvement. Still today, when that song comes on, I stop what I’m doing and evaluate in one small moment if I’m considering the possibilities being presented to me.

And that’s not a bad thing.

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