How Big Is Your Container?


Is the glass half full or half empty?

Yes, this proverbial question is most posed to measure optimism. Those who perceive their glass to be half empty are said to be pessimistic and those who perceive their glass to be half full are said to be optimistic.

glass-of-waterI never really liked this -test-, because the level of liquid in relation to the container is relative. Assuming the amount of liquid is remains the same, the fullness of the glass is completely dependent on the size of the glass. If you were to pour the contents into a smaller vessel, you would then be in the possession of one fuller container. The smaller the glass becomes, the more full the container actually becomes.

In fact, this “relatively” is a great analogy to how to live a fuller life.

Too many of us make our vessels too big (see letting go of what doesn’t serve you) – and as a result, the contents seem too empty. It’s when we reduce the size of our -lives-, that we can discover how fully we really can live.

Make your own reality.


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  1. OMG! How true is this?? Some people think they have to have a full pitcher to live their lives successfully, where others have more than enough because they settle for a juice glass! LOVE IT!

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